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What is the BradCliff Method?

1. Assessment and retraining for better breathing patterns, using the Bradcliff®Method by Certified Bradcliff®Practioners.

2. Inspiratory muscle training

3. Airway clearance


All of these treatments are drug free.


1. One in ten New Zealanders may experience some form of breathing pattern disorder or chronic over breathing. This can lead to an array of debilitating symptoms and health conditions. This includes but is not limited to disturbed sleep, anxiety, gut disorders, fatigue, irritability, achy muscle and joints, heart palpitations, dizzy spells and chest pains. (You should see your doctor first if you experience the latter 3 symptoms).The Bradcliff method is a comprehensive process of assessment and education providing you with an individual rehabilitation plan to correct your breathing pattern and take better control of your health.
This usually required 3 – 5 sessions.

2. Inspiratory Muscle Training.
Breathelink is a software programme that analyses the strength of your inspiratory muscles. Using this in combination with a Power Breather a resistance training programme can be set for your inspiratory muscles. Strengthening your inspiratory muscle enables a deeper breath, better oxygenation, reduction of shortness of breath and improved exercise tolerance. This is for chronic respiratory illness sufferers, athletes who want an edge over their competitors or chronic fatigue suffers who just want to feel better. It’s the equivalent of “dumbbells for the diaphragm”.
3 – 5 sessions is normal

3. Airway Clearance
Your recovery.
This teaches you how to move secretions within the airways that slow your recovery from respiratory tract infections and prevent you from breathing effectively. Techniques taught are utilised by athletes and those with chronic respiratory disorders alike to get back to their best as soon as possible.
1 – 2 sessions.