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Consultancy House Clinic

Consultancy House Clinic is dedicated to helping our community recover from pain, musculoskeletal conditions and other systemic dysfunctions.
Feel what it is like when your body works the way it should!


We can help you register your ACC claim in clinic.

Ask our friendly staff and reception if you are unsure of your entitlements under the ACC act.

Do not allow your injuries to get worse. Early intervention helps you avoid prolonged pain and compensation.



(03) 477-7746


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We can register your new ACC injury

See us for injury recovery


We listen to you

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Consultancy House Clinic

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Osteopaths : Physiotherapists : Acupuncturists : Massage therapists : Pilates Instructor

Large professional team with years of experience

Committed to helping you

The Team

You will have access to the combined knowledge and expertise of all our clinicians. Our attitude is to work together for the benefit of the client, who is the central focus of the clinic.


Consultancy House Clinic and Dunedin Osteopathic Clinic, is home to a group of passionate and enthusiastic Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, Chriopractor and Massage therapists. We are continually updating our knowledge with, courses, peer reviews and discussions. Our clinicians come from all different backgrounds and are passionate about sharing their expertise with each other.


We have a diverse range of talent and interests, both within the clinical setting and socialising, from Mountain Climbing, Dancing, Rock Climbing, Rugby League, Diving, Pilates, Yoga, Horse Riding, Water Skiing, Surfing, and the toughest of all: Parenting!


We understand where you are coming from. We love living the good life. If you are having trouble doing that, give us a call and let us help you. We will make a plan and get you moving forward. Your recovery starts the moment you step through the door, when you are greeted by our warm and caring reception staff.

Located in the heart of Dunedin, Consultancy House Clinic and Dunedin Osteopathic Clinic is easy to find, as it is located in the 1908 Historic Consultancy House Building in Bond St. We have car parking on Bond St, Cumberland St, and around the corner at the new multi-story car park. It is also just a short walk from the Octagon or Queens Garden.


Consultancy House Clinic / Dunedin Osteopathic Clinic

 Mon – Thursday  7am – 7pm
Friday  7am – 4pm

In many cases, you will either have an existing ACC claim for your condition or you may be presenting to our clinic with an injury which our clinical staff will deem appropriate to lodge an ACC claim for.
In other cases, our clinical staff may advise, that your condition does not fit within the ACC Treatment Profiles, therefore not a claimable condition. In this case you will be required to pay privately for treatment.
If you submit a claim to ACC and it is declined, you will be liable to pay for your treatment privately.

Consultancy House Clinic / Dunedin Osteopathic Clinic operates on a “CASH FOR SERVICE” basis.
You are able to pay by EFTPOS or CASH.

Contact Us

Consultancy House Clinic

(03) 477 – 7746

Dunedin Osteopathic Clinic

(03) 477 – 7020


(03) 477 – 7846