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Consultancy House Clinic / Dunedin Osteopathic Clinic is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering Osteopathic, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy  services.

The Clinical team take a holistic approach to clinical treatment, with the objective of achieving optimal outcomes for clients within the shortest time frames.

When you phone to make an appointment (03) 477 – 7746, the receptionist will ask if this is ACC or private. This means if you were doing something that caused the injury, you may be covered by ACC, but if it is a gradual process this will be Private.

Due to becoming paperless, you will be asked for your email address to enable us to send you necessary forms to be completed, prior to your appointment. If you have given the clinic your cell phone number, you will also be sent a txt message to remind you of your appointment the day before.

Please do not make any appointments close to your appointment time at the clinic, as sometimes the clinician will run over time due to the complexity of an injury, and our clinicians pride themselves with dedication and commitment in helping the client to feel better regardless of the time spent with them.

Consultancy House Clinic / Dunedin Osteopathic Clinic is open from

7am – 7pm Mon – Thursday

7am – 4pm Fridays.

In many cases, you will either have an existing ACC claim for your condition or you may be presenting to our clinic with an injury which our clinical staff will deem appropriate to lodge an ACC claim for.

In other cases, our clinical staff may advise, that your condition does not fit within the ACC Treatment Profiles, therefore not a claimable condition. In this case you will be required to pay privately for treatment.
If you submit a claim to ACC and it is declined, you will be liable to pay for your treatment privately.

Consultancy House Clinic / Dunedin Osteopathic Clinic operates on a “CASH FOR SERVICE” basis. You are able to pay by EFTPOS, CASH or CHEQUE.