You will have access to the combined knowledge and expertise of all our clinicians. Our attitude is to work together for the benefit of the client, who is the central focus of the clinic. After all, 2 heads working together are better than 1.

Meet The Team



An early experience with a traditional Chinese medicine healer sparked an interest in health care and injury management. Physiotherapy was a natural choice as a stepping stone toward learning about the human body and its intricacies. My experiences in both Eastern and Western health philosophies, has allowed me to look at problems from a variety of different angles. Also my previous training as an Engineer has provided me with an ability to systematically analyse problems and come up with a solution. These beliefs and approaches are what I can offer to the patients under my care.

Qualifications: B. Eng (Chem) B. Physio PostGradDip SportsMed PostGradCert Acup Masters Osteopathy Other skills: Traditional chinese massage (TuiNa) Pilates instructor



I founded the clinic in 1999, moving onto the 5th floor at Consultancy house. At the time it was just me and one room, with my friend David at reception. The first patients included most of the Otago/All black team, often treated in my front room at home.

In the UK I had specialized since 1987 in sports injuries, pregnancy, children, and work related issues, musicians and even horses!

At the time Neki my brother, a chiropractor in Queenstown convinced me Dunedin was the place to be and arranged for Josh Kronfield to meet us at the airport. Krusher helped find us a home, furniture and even how to use our log burner! My wife Kathy Jean is from the US so it was all very new. We were both surprised at how friendly and welcoming people were in Dunedin. Everyone loved to have a good “yarn”, unlike London!

Last 20 yrs life has been a balancing act between the clinic, raising 6 children, local church and lots of travel. Mostly this was back and forth from the USA, looking out for KJs mum and Dad, who sadly have both passed away. I met KJ in the Carib, where I was involved in commercial dive ventures (Bahamas/Dominican Republic) so still have a keen interest in anything to do with the ocean.

Qualifications: D.O.(UK) M.N.Z.R.O.



As my name suggests I come from Corsica, a small island from North West of Italy and South East of France. Before becoming an Osteopath I was a professional League player, my career took me to England, Australia and France. Now I’m just among the crowd, watching more Rugby than League. Come on Highlanders !
All my life I used outdoor activities to have fun and explore this splendid country which is New Zealand. Through mountain biking, running and tramping we are discovering Otago.
We are looking forward to the winter for skiing.

We have been in Dunedin since September 2016 and we love the environment and the town.
Personally when I’m not outside, I like to read, and listen to music which is a part of my inspiration for cooking. Food in my country is a tradition of taste of the nature, so we make everything from scratch e.g. bread, pasta, etc.

Qualifications: D.O.(UK)Bsc.(Hons)Osteopathy(UK)Masters Strength & Conditioning



I grew up in rural Central Otago on farms enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer.

I have been a competitive horse rider since a young age and enjoy both the English and western disciplines’.  Other sports and interests include netball, trail running, fishing, diving and travelling.

I have a passion for farming and the rural community.  My masters research looked at how farmers could be assisted in maintaining their physical health.

Qualifications: B.Apps.Sc (H.B.) Masters Osteopathy

Read more about Kelly’s work history here



I spent 19 years in the banking industry, 5yrs in Marketing, and 14yrs in Customer Services. I wanted to do something quite different, but still working with people. I have been with this clinic since 2008 and really enjoy the variety of work. Marching has been my interest from a very young age, and now I am involved with Leisure marching, which is for Fun Fitness and Friendship. We have 2 events a year one South Island the other Nationals, with over 1,000 ladies enjoying themselves. I adore spending time with my grandchildren. When my first grandson was born, I was allowed to stand beside the surgeon and help deliver him which was very special, especially since he was a caesarean birth. Shopping is a passion of mine especially for shoes, which has given me the nick name of Imelda Marcos.



I first became involved in physiotherapy as a patient following a skiing injury. The therapist gave me some advice on managing the injury and suggested I look into becoming a physiotherapist myself. A job as receptionist/physio assistant followed and the fate of my professional career was sealed. Twenty years later I still enjoy treating a wide range of injuries. Since graduating with a Diploma in Physiotherapy in 1990, the focus of my career has been facilitating the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. I concentrate on a comprehensive assessment and diagnostic process which allows for a targeted treatment plan, tailored to the individual client’s needs. I will incorporate ergonomic and postural advice in combination with hands on techniques including acupuncture, massage and joint mobilisation. A home programme of rehabilitative exercises will be part of the treatment plan to enable the client to manage and prevent injury. In 2010 I became a Certified Bradcliff Practioner, allowing me a systematic review and treatment process for breathing pattern disorders. I have found this great for helping a wide range of clients. I have a strong background in, and have taught acupuncture to post graduate level to physiotherapists. My personal interest and practice of yoga also influence my treatment approach.

Qualifications: Dip.Phty. (Physiotherapy) Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturist Registered Bradcliff Practitioner



Previous to becoming a Physiotherapist, I was working as a massage therapist, focusing on deep-tissue release. This time spent working with people and their injuries sparked an interest in learning more about the body and how to best help my patients. The Physiotherapy degree has shown me the multiple approaches available in helping people, and I am drawn to manual therapy. This involves using massage, spinal mobilizing, acupuncture and manipulating as well as stretching techniques. Physiotherapy has helped my understanding of mechanics of movement and how alterations in the body system can cause changes elsewhere. In my daily practice, I enjoy engaging with sporting and work related injuries that are complex or involve multiple injury sites. I am looking forward to increasing my range of techniques and learning more about the effects of exercise in injury rehabilitation. My interests include most outdoor activities, especially climbing (rock and alpine), and trail running.

Qualifications: B Phyty BSc Hons (Zoology)



I moved from Germany to Dunedin in 2006 after falling in love with New Zealand while travelling the South Island by bike. I graduated from the German Sports University in Cologne with a degree in exercise therapy before working as a rehabilitation exercise specialist in a big rehabilitation hospital. Here in Dunedin I worked as a personal trainer in gyms and in my own personal training studio as well as in tourism, and farming. Then I decided to take my passion for health and exercise a step further and added a Bachelor of Physiotherapy to my qualifications.

Outside of work I love to spend time with my partner, my step son and my little daughter. We love to go mountain biking around Dunedin or Central Otago. I frequently visit Germany to see my older daughter who now lives there.

My sporting background started in Gymnastics, quickly shifting to Judo with 7 years of age and later branching out to Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Kayaking and occasional Running.

BC Phty, Exercise Therapist



Originally a North Islander, I have been proud to call Dunedin home for the last 21 years.

I am a busy mum with 2 young children and a teenage step-son. Juggling the balance between work and family can be tricky at times, so doesn’t leave me a lot of time to pursue hobbies outside of the home.

I am currently participating in a ‘Marathon’ of nappies, toilet training, teething and child-wrangling. This has sparked an interest in helping pregnant mums and new mums with keeping pain free and active.

Qualifications: B.Sc (Anatomy)B.Phty (Physiotherapy)



Kia ora! Here is the answer to the first question you’ll have for me (Where is that funny accent from?): I was born and raised in southcentral Alaska, by my Kiwi dad and American mum. After finishing high school in Alaska, I ventured south to my family’s roots in Otago, to begin defrosting, and to follow my passion to become a physiotherapist.

I’ve cottoned on to Kiwi life… When I’m not busy with rehab for injured athletes or relief for students with back pain, I like to get out tramping, cycling, diving, and skiing. During the week I keep fit by lifting weights and practicing boxing and martial arts. But my favourite pastimes are more relaxing: It’s hard to beat spending time with friends and family, eating lots of delicious food, and getting stuck into a good movie or series!

Qualifications: B Phty (Hons)



Spending 8 years growing up in Hong Kong, and having an acupuncturist mother, it’s not a huge surprise I ended up an acupuncturist. Graduating from the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2006, I opened a clinic in Raglan before moving to “the promised land”, Dunedin, in 2008. With all I had in the boot of the car, dog on the passenger seat and surfboards on the roof, I drove South to start a life and new adventure in Dunedin – and what an adventure it has been. I’ve been massively blessed in my time here, it’s here I met my beautiful wife, bought my first home (by the beach), enjoy working in an awesome clinic with gifted colleagues and great clients, love also being part of an awesome youth group at my local church, and am stoked I still surf most weeks…Gotta love Dunedin!

Qualifications BHSc (Acupuncture) MNZRA



After a 10 year career in Architecture and with a background in Tai Chi, I came to New Zealand to study Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. After graduating in 2007, I have practiced in both New Zealand and the United States, training and working with many wonderful and skilful practitioners of a large variety of modalities, and have lectured at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Wellington. My sessions combine a Meridian Style of Acupuncture and Chinese Therapeutic Massage (Tuina) to assist holistically with a wide variety of health disharmonies.

Qualifications.  BHSc (Acupuncture), Dip Tuina, Member AcNZ (NZRA)



What lead me to the practice of Acupuncture? Injury, pain and surgeries. My former career had been a Chef, which I think one should be a bodybuilder first!!! Just as my passion was food my vocation and passion is the care of health. Changing my profession, an Acupuncturist brought my health back. Eureka! I want to do this for others. If there is any “spare time” some of my hobbies include gardening, water-skiing, interior decorating, travel and language’s, ballroom dancing, caring for animals and of course cooking!.

Qualifications: BHSC (Acupuncture) MNZRA, Dip. Chinese Herbal Medicine, Dip. Tuina, Dip. Qi Gong, Dip. Tai Qi, California Board Certified Acupuncturist L.Ac



I first obtained a Bachelor of Art in Japanese Literature in Tokyo in 1989, which led me to over a decade of working in the corporate field in Tokyo before completely changing direction and studying Aromatherapy in both Tokyo and Nelson, New Zealand.

I began my career in complementary health practice in 2004 as an Aromatherapist and also started studying in New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Since I graduated in 2008, I worked as an acupuncturist and Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage) practitioner in New Zealand and the United States.

I combine my knowledge of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to develop a treatment plan that is individually tailored to each client. My treatments can help in pain reduction and stress management, increasing vitality, immunity and general well-being.
Dip. Acupuncture, Dip. Tuina, MNZRA



I studied acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in Wellington. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in the Health Sciences for Acupuncture and TCM in 2014.
For most of my professional life I was involved in food in one form or another; as a baker when I left school, then completed an apprenticeship as a Patisserie Chef, then I went to the UK and worked in contract catering kitchens where I trained further as a pastry chef. Over the years I worked on the other side of the kitchen and became a chef.
After qualifying as an acupuncturist I worked on the cruise ship Britannia practising acupuncture. It was a fantastic experience working and earning money while visiting a new port every day, from Europe to Norway.
In my spare time I love to surf, going for nature walks, reading Sci Fi novels, cooking and watching movies.



I am a warm, loving person with a big laugh and I am happiest when helping people feel at ease in their bodies, even though sometimes mine gives me ‘jip’ too. (long story, feel free to ask). Originally from Chicago, I trained in Seattle, Washington and had my 2 children in Auckland, where I lived until quite recently. I have wanted to live in Dunedin since 2004 and am very happy to have finally made it here! I write fiction, play the clarinet, ride my bike and practice Zen meditation in my spare time. I am also a great lover of trees and plants, and am a voracious reader.



I have had an interest in the biomechanics of the human body from a young age. My numerous sporting injuries were treated by many manual therapists. I was always interested in their work, and realised early that Osteopathy was the path I wanted to follow. I grew up in Sydney, and graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy from the University of Western Sydney. After working with several excellent Osteopaths in Sydney, I moved to New Zealand in 2005. I spent 1 year working in Queenstown, where I was able to focus on acute injury treatment, followed by injury prevention treatment and rehabilitation. Since moving to Dunedin I have become interested in treating women during pregnancy and infants and children. Fortunately my patient base is varied so I am treating all kinds of pain and injury across a range of ages. My osteopathic approach is hands-on. I assess the structure and function of the body, and seek to improve its mobility with manipulation and soft tissue work.

Qualifications Bachelor of Applied Science Masters of Osteopathy



I originally grew up in Hamilton.
Both my father and grandfather were Chiropractors and from experiencing it as a young age I was drawn to the lifestyle it brought. I studied at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in Auckland and after qualifying I moved to Australia to work in Mackay. After a couple of years working in Australia I moved to Dunedin and haven’t looked back.
My sporting back ground is Hockey, Running, Cycling and Skiing but now days I spend more time running around the hills of Dunedin and socially competing in different multi sporting events.

Qualifications:  Dip.App.Sci, B.Chiro, PGDipSEM



I have been involved in many sports in my life, but the one enduring activity that has been with me almost 40 years now and set to continue is weight training. From that I developed an interest in body repair, maintenance and performance improvement. Along with daily gym sessions, I also manage to fit in cycling, skiing and coaching in basic weight training techniques. I have been building my massage career and knowledge base since the early 90’s alongside a 29 year career with the New Zealand Police. I retired from the Police in 2011 to pursue a full time career in massage.



I grew up in the mountainside and had a balanced life style through competitive sport and outdoor activities which naturally led to me becoming a ski instructor and swimming teacher.
Like any sports professional, the injuries I’ve received have encouraged me to learn how to look after myself and take care of my body.
I started my career as a Massage Therapist in France and continued in New Zealand where I have also gained a diploma.
My family and I have found Dunedin a great place to live where we have managed to balance our personal and professional life through massage practice and outdoor activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming and biking.



I have lived in the Waikouaiti area for over 25 years now, formally from Dunedin. I ran my own design/giftware business up until 2015 plus continue to work as an Editor for the Progress of Waikouaiti Area of which I am in my 11th year. I joined the reception team at the Clinic in January 2016, and am thoroughly enjoying the new challenge.



I joined Consultancy House Clinic in May 2016, after working at Dunedin Public Hospital for 15 years.
My husband and I just love spending time with our grand-children, playing board games and going on adventure walks. I thoroughly enjoy creating cards/crafts for gifts, and walking looking at gardens on the way. As often as possible we take off in our caravan to spend time with our friends.



My family and I love to spend time in Central Otago where I have gone for holidays most of my life.
Shopping is a passion of mine especially when it comes to shoes, (a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes). When time permits I really enjoy being able to get into my scrapbooking and card making.



I have a son, 2 fur babies, a cat and a dog. We love going paddle boarding, including the dog!! Each year we do something out of the norm, like white water rafting, skiing, water skiing, mountain biking, jet boating, bridge jumping and river surfing. (So much fun). I have also been sky diving (what a rush)!!



I originally come from India from a big city called (New Delhi). I love travelling, meeting new people, and spending time with my little one & husband.
When we lived in Auckland we use to stay with family, but in 2015 we moved to Dunedin.
I am working with very nice, helpful, experienced and well behaved bunch of people. I am enjoying work and am learning new things every single day.



I have a teenage daughter and a 7yr old Spoodle who keep me busy.
In my spare time and weekends, I love to meet up with friends for a coffee, eat out or go to a movie.
We also enjoy going to Moeraki to a family holiday home which is a great place to relax, go walking on the beach, reading and in general just chilling out.



We have 3 baby lambs, 3 boys aged 20, 18 and 8, (not babies anymore). I love anything outdoors, fishing and camping especially. We go to Lake Aviemore every christmas and it’s always a lot of fun. I love motorsport, especially Formula One, we named our youngest son Raikkon after Kimi Raikkonen.